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 In a constant effort to provide an  opportunity for senior and junior scientists  to interact, the New Jersey Junior  Academy of Science offers research grants  to high school student researchers  through a competitive Grant-in-Aid Program  funded through the AAAS.

The Junior Academy also holds its Annual Meeting along with the New Jersey Senior Academy. All Junior Academy members, Grant-In-Aid Recipients and students doing research at their high schools are invited to this important event. High school science teachers are invited to plan to attend and to encourage any of their students engaged in scientific research to present their work in paper and/or poster presentations. This year registration for the meeting can be completed online on the Events page.


 The Academy also sponsors "Science  for  Breakfast" programs that involve high  school science students and professional  scientists. The program is intended to give  high school  students throughout New  Jersey,  who are interested in pursuing  careers in science, the opportunity to  interact with professional scientists and researchers, who work in various fields of science, technology, research and development. The scientists and researchers, on the other hand, will have the unique opportunity to share the many aspects of just what is involved in becoming and actively being a professional scientist. Areas of science represented by the scientists usually include biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, biochemistry, biotechnology, engineering, psychology, science education and medicine, to name a few. As a result of the enthusiastic conversations taking place, scientists are moved to take an active role in mentoring many of the students that attend.

If you are interested in hosting a "Science for Breakfast" at your school, please contact us.

2022 New Initiative - LIFE Colloquium

NJAS Colloquium for LIFE (Leadership, Innovation, Fellowship, and Excellence) in STEM

This event is a new initiative of the NJ Academy of Science that aims at empowering middle school and high school students' perspectives on diverse scientific themes. The focus is to cultivate an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) or health sciences by providing a space for students to showcase their expository writing, art, topical presentation, or research initiative to our scientific community.

Every year during STEM Month, NJAS will host a virtual seminar series highlighting our young scientist. For more information please go here.

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