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The Senior Academy membership includes 

over 400 professional scientists in industry, research, education and non-profit agencies, as well as college students from undergraduate to post graduate levels. The Senior Academy sponsors an Annual Meeting in order to encourage and disseminate the results of scientific research within New Jersey. It publishes a semi-annual research journal, the Bulletin. It also sponsors workshops and other events designed to create or facilitate communication between government, educators and the New Jersey research community.

For Scientists, Faculty Members, Post-Graduates, or Post Doctoral fellows

Judging Opportunities

Reviewers are urgently  needed to review proposals for the Junior Academy Grants in Aid (GIA) Program and to serve as NJ Academy of Science Judges. Please join us in mentoring the next generation of scientist.

Do you work as a professional scientist? Are you a science professor? A graduate student in science? We need you! Judges are needed for both the junior (high school) and senior (undergraduate and graduate) academy's student presentations at the 65th NJ Academy of Science Virtual Presentation Competition in May 2020. If you're interested in serving the New Jersey Science Community in this important role please contact Ms. Brittany West (blackman86@gmail.com).

The NJ Academy of Science  is collecting information of NJAS members  or community leaders, who are available over the academic year to serve as judges in neighboring Community Outreach Programs, County level Science Fairs or School Science Fairs. The organization is keeping a search engine to better help our NJ community reach out to the scientific community. Please include your information in this FORM.

Scientific Speaker Opportunities

Do you have pitch talk, scientific expertise, a scientific innovation or idea that could benefit your scientific community? Why not share them and get recognition from your NJ scientific community – Can you present your work at the NJ Academy of Science Annual Meeting, seminar series, or local meeting?

NJ Academy of Science is always looking for qualified presenters for our events. We have a strong preference for new scientific findings, educational awareness or controversial topics influencing our scientific community.

Please to help us better evaluate submissions, please consider the following:

    • Speaker proposals should be submitted four months in advance of the event date (NJAS seminar series or Annual event).
    • The proposed session should provide attendees with a learning experience, leaving them with insights they can immediately take back to their communities.
    • Presenters can be from governmental, academic, or community organization. Please be advised that no client-side marketers are allowed as speakers unless, a governmental, academic, or community organization speaker are co-presenting with a client-side marketer to raise the session to a "case study" and negate any perception of a "sales pitch."
    • NJ Academy of Science does not compensate speakers or pay for travel costs.
    • Generally, a release will be required for the content and audio/video of your presentation to allow us to post it to our website or other social media sites.

For speaking opportunities or proposal submission questions, please email njacademyofscience@gmail.com and an executive member will contact you. Please include specific details of your question or issue along with your name and phone number. Interested in speaking at state or regional district school or organization level, please include your information in this FORM.

Thank you for your interest.

For Scientists, Faculty Members, Post-Graduates, 

Post Doctoral fellows, or Undergraduates

Mentoring Opportunities

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